We have recently opened Paddock Rooms, 12 double rooms less than 100 meters from the boxes, which are very comfortable and fully equipped.

We have modern and comfortable premisses with capacity for over 300 people. Located in a strategic position overlooking the circuit.


0034 950 885 326

We have modern and comfortable facilities for up to 300 people, with fully open-plan areas, allowing different acts, depending on the type of event or presentation.

The restaurant is located less than 20 meters from the boxes and located in a strategic location, overlooking the circuit and has a large terrace, widely used during the winter months by our local and foreign customers.

We offers to our customers a creative cuisine with typical dishes from each country where customers come from, as well as personalized attention in their services.

The facilities, the environment, the location and quality in each of the services, put the icing on the great events and presentations that we have in the circuit.