We have recently opened Paddock Rooms, 12 double rooms less than 100 meters from the boxes, which are very comfortable and fully equipped.

We have modern and comfortable premisses with capacity for over 300 people. Located in a strategic position overlooking the circuit.


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From the beginning, the "Circuito de Almeria" has been widely used by many top teams for its winter testing and development during the racing seasons. The characteristics of the track, its straight of almost 1km, the good weather and the privacy make our circuit the ideal place to carry out these tasks.

With the change of rules in MotoGP, in respect to the pre-season testing, teams can choose a circuit of the World Championship competition and one that is not from elsewhere, to train before the start of the championship. In 2014 we have been chosen by 90% of the Moto2 and Moto3 teams.

During the summer months and at peak times of highest temperature, cars and motorbikes racing teams and manufactures plants, perform tests: vehicles, parts and components performance, durability, quality etc.

Programs for young drivers conducted by teams or factories, find in the "Circuito de Almeria" a perfect place, where riders can develop different aspects of their training without leaving the facility (asphalt, off road, fitness, classrooms, etc).